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Best Way To Shave My Testicles Hair Without Cutting Your Self 2017 2018 Tutorial

What's the best way to Quickly Shave balls Hair Without Cutting Or Bleeding ?

what? you read the title you know this is going nowhere good all right so here's the deal im already uncomfortable and you're about to get uncomfortable with me but if the term of testicles is offensive to you you're probably a chick and shouldn't be snooping on your boyfriend's computer you need to go and if the phrase shave your testicles makes you giggle like a little school girl you're probably a 12 year old little dude and shouldn't be reading this because that makes me uncomfortable and if you happen to be my mother this also isn't for you and if you're still here well then it's time to party.

Why you should shave your testicles? 

so i just got finished shaving my testicles for three reasons, reason number one because i shave my testicles reason number two because i needed to do it in order to come up with a system like as in like step one step two you know i'm all about the systems and the steps and reason number three because you asked and you know that if you've got a question and it doesn't do with grooming it's best to ask me then your weird uncle Stan

today it's all about shaving your testicles because you guys wanted to know how to do it and I got to be honest I can't say that this is the way to shave your testicles because there are a lot of tutorials out there most of them will tell you " don't go up against ...,prepare the hair..)  I just got to win this I got to tell you what I've done for the past 25 years and it served me well alright.

Understanding Testicles Skin specifications

so the first thing you need to know is that the testicle skin or your scrotum is unlike any other skin on your body all right it's so smart your testicle skin is the smartest skin on your body it's like oh the boys are a little bit cold boom testicles comes on and you know that that's why testicle skin and your scrotum actually like go sometimes it's like was hanging low sometimes it's up real tight it's because it's trying to regulate your testicle temperature in order to preserve the life and longevity of your sperm.

here's the deal that skin is very forgiving all right it's stretchy it's sort of it you would think that it'd be super sensitive in terms of very easily net but in my experience and they're all the years 25 years properly of me actually shaved my testicles I could probably count on one hand the time that I've actually nicked myself all right but you still need to be super careful and talk to your doctor if you'r worried "I want to be in the room for that conversation"

stepst to shaving your testicles the right way

all right so here's the deal step number one is taking down some of the length of the bulk of the hair on your testicles because if left ungroomed testicles can get pretty hairy alright and once again I talking solely through personal experience because I got to be honest I've never manscaped or trimmed anybody else's testicles mine can get pretty hairy so what I like to do before i actually embark on shaving them is take some of the length down how do i do it? exactly facial hair grooming tool but first I actually use the attachment my preferred facial hair grooming tool is the norelco it's listed & linked down below I will start off with the attachment on and go over and get some of the bulk out all right I do not recommend using the Clippers like that all right teeth on there are kind of wilde and that skin can get in there and i have nicked myself superbad on numerous occasions they can get real painful and then it just snags it and you're bleeding and it's miserable alright so first things first take some of the legth down because trying to shave your testicles is just like your face think of it that way you got a big beard what you'r going to do? if you just start shaving know you're gonna miss a lot of hairs , you are going to get irritated. you take the length down to stumble and then shaving becomes a whole lot easier alright! so step number one remove some of the bulk hair

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Norelco Testicles Hair Shaver

step number two get in a warm shower just hang in to all your business right! shampoo.. loofah.. shave if you need to all right let this thing sort of start working i don't like the manscape right off the bath right I like to be in there to let the skin get a little bit looser all right well I'm ready then I actually use soap all right I don't use shaving cream on my testicles because shaving cream it's just like when you do shaving cream it just sort of is all over the place right I like to see what I'm doing so it provides that nice glide but it doesn't get clumpy and you can see what you're doing so i lather my testicles

up next you're going to need a razor the razor that i use is the Venus 3 yes it is a chick's razor if it's good enough for a vagina it's good enough for my testicles just really good here's the deal the Venus three is the best razor i've ever used for manscaping whether or not it's my chest my arms my legs this thing is amazing all right so here's the deal next up I'm going to start the shaving process i'm all lathered up I'm going to start by shaving the base of my penis I'm gonna put my penis go down all around all right and then once that is complete that i'm going to grab my penis get out of the way and pull my testicles tight up towards my body the visual of this I didn't think about before I start doing this tutorial this is getting weird and uncomfortable I'm going to hold the scrotum nice and tight to my body and short little strokes I'm going down but also go to the side if I need to and I'll just basically go over it all right I'm very careful when i'm close to the the seam of the testicles that's like a linein the middle running down I assume everybody has one of those

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Using venus 3 razor to shave testicles

the skin sticks up a little bit more so I'm going to be a little bit more careful when it comes to that I'm not just going to start slicing all over the place all right and I'm just gonna go all the way all around all right with the testicles I haven't noticed any ingrown hair problems to be honest i also haven't noticed razor rash or anything like that for some reason I don't know if my my testicles are forged out of the strongest iron ore it's just the nature of a scrotum that it doesn't get really irritated or uncomfortable.

while shaving now you want to use a sharp razor if you are cutting yourself chances are you aren't pulling your scrotum tight enough or you know your razor might be dull and that's one of the signs that a razor is dull when you start cutting yourself especially with your face and I'm assuming your testicles as well ,and that's it I wash off and I'm good to go.

Final testicle shaving tips

now if this is your first time shaving your testicles don't worry about it getting perfectly smooth like your face all right (see Best Beard Trimmer for this year ) you don't need to worry about getting every single hair sometimes you might miss a few all right the idea if this is your first time shaving your testicles just the get used to it over time you're going to get incredibly comfortable and it's going to be like no big deal you're going to take whatever "book book bang!" you're going to be done it's going to be easy i'm telling you right now I'm like a pro if there is a competition for this i I would be an Olympian of testicle shaving it is a fact i'm good at it now been doing it forever but that's it really i don't use any aftershave i think i would burn like crazy I'm powder afterwards ,you're good to go.

wait wait wait wait wait before you go I must issue a disclaimer I'm in no way shape or form recommending encouraging or directing you to shave your testicles if you decide to do it you are shaving at your own risk I would actually say don't do it if you are not sure you will get it right you can get hurt it's dangerous and very dangerous all right I was just showing and sharing how i personally shave my testicle and how you can benefit from my 25 year experience to share yours
if you find this tutorial useful please share it with your friends and if you have any questions please write them down the comments section and i will be more than happy to answer you personally.
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