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5 Best Sneakers For Teenagers 2017 Men Style|Top Rated Guys/Boys Durable Sneakers List

Best Sneakers For Cold Weather For Men Style 2017 2018

Winter is full effect it's getting pretty cold just around the corner and it's about to get really cold so I'm about to present to you guys the top five speakers for teenagers and guys in fall and winter y'all ready? let's go.

1. Adidas ultra boost "Wool" version 2017

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Adidas Ultra Boost shoes 2017
our number one on the list the shoe that has a lot of hype right now the deed is adidas ultra boost "Wool "version. so these are actually the same as a regular ultra boost the only difference these are made out of a woven material rather than primeknit , think of adidas primeknit sort of like nike flyknit not that thick material and not really going to keep your feet warm but these are made out of wool so they're really great for the fall and winter when you want to stay warm but also trending.

also if you compare these with the regular primeknit the wall material kind of gives it a cool texture look that the primeknit doesn't really have and if you look at amazon you will probably find it for a decent price so there you have it number one on the list the Adidas of ultra boost made out of wool.

2. six-inch timberland boot 2017

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timberland 6-inch winter 2017 boots
number two on the list we got a classic right here the six-inch timberland boot man these are just one of those sneakers that are really classic never really go out of style you can wear one winter just keep them in your closet and let them out the next winter and they're still going to be hot, they come in a lot of different variations you got the all black ones you've got the dark rustic little ones they even come in a leather material that's really good for those rainy days this is one of my life favorite sneakers right here I want to say the timberlands are that great when it comes to comfort they do get pretty uncomfortable after wearing them for a while your feet do start to hurt your visually and aesthetically they look really good really swaggy when you want to dress up but comfort wise i give them like a d-plus so keep that in mind.

3. Nike Foamposite Sneakers 2017

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Nike Foamposite stylish winet 2017 shoes
number three on the list is the shoe everybody knows about is nike Foamposites i know a lot of people on the East Coast really like them because you can wear them in the rain you can wear them in the snow, hail they say pretty much good in all weather conditions there's always new colorways coming out but if you don't like any of the new ones Nike made like pretty much every color way in the Foamposites so all you got to do is check on amazon and you're always going to find foamposites and sometimes you can find them for a pretty decent price you just got to look around.

4. Nike Lunar Duck Boot Air Force One

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Nike lunar duck boot air force 1 winter 2017 shoes
our number four on the list we got the lunar duck boot Air Force One so what these are going to get that really rugged good looks while still maintaining that comfort with the lunar technology -good for the big dudes- so these are really great for the fall and winter even right here you have the water shield tag on top of this waterproof like material right up the shoe and that just goes to show you now you really took into consideration the harsh weather that these will be worn in ,they did a good job great with some dark denim these are really good pick for the fall and winter

5. Nike flyknit chukka boot Shoes 2016 2017 

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Nike Flyknit chukka boot winter 2017 shoes
our number five on the list we got the flyknit chukka boot so what I really like about these they're more weatherproof resistant than the regular chukkers the regular chukka have a full flight number which is going to be really susceptible to getting a lot of water inside the shoot great for keeping water out and will insulate the heat and keep your feet really more overall they're just a really dope shoes that look really cool with a lot of different types of Jeans there's a lot of different colorways coming out and a lot of times you can find the older colorways on sale for around a hundred bucks so there worth checking.

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This is the list of  top five speakers for fall and winter let me know down in the comments below what sneakers you guys are wearing for these seasons down in the comments also share this top 5 list with your friends see what they think about it .
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