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Best Cheap Panasonic Electric Shaver 2017 Plus How To Use ARC 4 ES-LA63-S Men Hair Shaver Review

Reviewing The Panasonic ARC 4 ES-LA63-S Men Cheap Beard Shaver 

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Panasonic ARC 4 ES-LA63-S Men Electric Shaver
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today we're going to take a look at the cordless electric foil shaver from Panasonic the ARC 4 model in this review we're gonna be focusing on the specific model ES-LA63-S ,everything about this model is exactly the same as the separate model ES-LA93-K except the 93 model has a separate automatic cleaning system and comes in black.

the 63 we'r going to review comes in silver and doesn't include the automatic cleaning system otherwise both shavers are identical

First impression: 

the build quality is very nice has a thin contoured handle with glossy plastic and a nice rubber texture on the back it has a pivoting head that pivots up/down and left to right.

the shaving is done by four blades with ultra thin foil and each one has its own separate suspension that adjusts to the curve that your face and neck .

all this is powered by two motor system. the head vibrates up/down while the blades vibrate from left to right with a very smooth are refine motor that provides 14,000 rpm.

I like to use as well Dry shaving. meaning no shaving gel and water I get an incredibly smooth shave although it takes a long while to shave without gel

the pivoting head has curves , make sure you're at the right angle all the time, the 4 blades make a quick work in shaving as they cut your whiskers much faster. although it makes the head very bulky.

Down sides?

the only downside is that I have a hard time getting the hairs on my upper lip right below my nose.

is it waterproof?

the unit is completely waterproof and you can shave with regular shaving cream or Gel and water you can even use this in the shower without worrying about damaging the shaver .

using tips:
for the quickest results it's better to shave with a shaving cream or gel ,you get the same close shave as dry shaving except it's much quicker and easier but in my case i tend to get much less irritation when dry shaving.
like most electric shavers there is a break-in period of about 30 days in which your facial skin has to get adjusted to the shaver.

I noticed that this shaver does a excellent job with hair that stick straight out and at an angle; but it struggles with hair that runs nearly parallel to the skin, but honestly all my electric shavers struggle in this regard. so i don't think this is a problem with the shaver but more a problem with the direction that my hair grows in some spots .

this provides an excellent shave and is very close to that of shaving with regular razor blades I can't tell the difference honestly, it's very easy to get excellent results with the shaver.

All About ARC 4 Shaver:
for those of you that want silky smooth skin this shaver runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that's ready for 45 minutes runtime: I usually get about 3 to 5 shaves before it time to recharge and it charges in about an hour.

I have to say that the one hour charge time is extremely conservative and everyday use it charges from empty to full in the time it takes to take a long shower but by the time I get out it's done .

it has an easy to read LCD screen that glows a cool blue that displays the remaining charge, the charge status when charging, when it's time to clean; when to check the foil and it's got a really cool feature that shows you how long it's been running in minutes and seconds.

the power button when pressed and held for 2 seconds ,Golden Tate turbo mode to clean the unit under running water
below the power button is a lock to prevent the unit from accidentally turning on while traveling.
the blades are easy to clean you simply rinse under water and clean with liquid soap .
the head has an easy to remove case to clean inside the form plades and its easy to replace the blades in the foil for when they become dirty.
on the back there's a pop-up trimmer although it's not as wide the one on my previous shaver.
the included accessories are a cap to protect the foils when not in use and a soft travel case, i like it and it makes it convenient for traveling but they forgot to make it large enough to fit the cherging cable. it's a bit annoying to have to carry a charger separately .
it also can use a universal charger that can run from 100 to 240 volts .

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Best Cheap Panasonic Electric Shaver 2017 Plus How To Use ARC 4 ES-LA63-S Men Hair Shaver Review Reviewed by Customer Reports on 9:15:00 AM Rating: 5
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