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Best Face Mask Making Machine 2017 -Kingdomcares Facial Mask Maker Review,Tutorial

Making a Lemon Mask with Kingdomcares Fruit Facial Mask Maker Machine 

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Today we will be reviewing the Kingdomcares Fruit Facial Mask Maker machine we've seen a ton of the products out there which should give you a step-by-step of how this device works so first we want to show you what you what comes in the package and how to make  your natural face mask with this awesome machine.

Kingdomecares facial mask machine unboxing:

first and foremost we're gonna give you a little break down what you will have out of the box is a juicer for your fruuits and vegetables which you want to prepare you face mask with you do some vegetables fruits things like that and there is your measuring cup so you know what you're putting and how much you're putting and a tool especially to remove your mask

there is a brush to clean your area and also your machine there are also collagen tablets I you might not know what these are first because they do not have English instructions on the manual but actually they are your collagen tablets and then of course you have your instructions manual and your recipe book which contains all kinds of natural face masks and step by step instructions on how to make this using this facemask machine.

how to use kingdomcares facemask machine:

 what we're going to be doing is the lemon mask so you're going to need 20 milliliters of lemon juice and then 60 milliliters of purified water and then one natural collagen tablet and this mask is supposed to moisture , remove circles and oil whitening ,maintain skin elasticity ,and work as an anti-aging. of course it's not going to do all that in the first use but with prolonged use you may see some results.

so you are going to use 20 milliliters of the lemon extraction and then you want 60 milliliters of water and then you want to add your collagen tablet.
put everything in the machine and plug in the power and let this run for 6 minutes after 6 minutes the timer goes off and that's when you will pour the liquid into the mold

you need to to be careful because this is very very hot try to unplug it from the heat source now you're supposed to pour this in the middle of the mask you have to wait two minutes , after 2 minutes passes make sure the mask feels molded then take your spatula and you gently pry it up from the end
and put it on your face gently, it might look weird to be honest but it's really a nice mask it's really firm and it does cover your entire face you just have to keep adjusting it till you feel comfortable and it works you will have your natural mask it does look a little silly but it does work.
we put a video so you can watch the whole process of making your natural face mask, if you like this review thanks for sharing this with your friends. to read more reviews and see people experiences with this machine on amazon click on the green button in the top of this page.

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