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Best Cheap Hair Electric Shaver 2017|Norelco Alternative JTrim JPT-GF300 Review

JTrim JPT-GF300 Cordless Electric Shaver With Sideburns and Nose Hair Trimmer Review 2017

JTrim JPT-GF300 Cordless Electric Shaver
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in this review we will show you exactly what you're getting with the Jtrim JPT-GF300 electric shaver It has 3 rotary heads which have a nice range of motion facing in and out to contour to your face. 
it also comes with different accessories such as a stand (with no cleaning station) ,it has a nose trimmer, and liner. The blades are super sharp and work very well in the thick facial hair. It is also nice that this shaved is waterproof so you can wash it out easily after each use
 you have the nose and ear trimmer and then your cleaning brush and wash this has a little on case over the top of it to which is pretty awesome to store.the shaver comes with different shaving heads and you can just switch them out for whatever you want to use it has a charging system which is a standing basement at the same time and that's your charging basis does not require any batteries which is pretty awesome it's got suction cups on the bottom to keep it stable on the table.

 you just set it down on the internet a charge it has your walk and then water if you want to use it doesn't want to drive and then your speed and battery and this also realize that if your head attachment is not correctly I'm overall this is pretty awesome my husband loves it I wanted to get a video of him shaving but he's camera shy so that didn't happen to show you it really think he has really thick hair on his face in it great turning his hair and beard off he used this the shave his beard off and then this to get a close shave this does not work good on long hair if you are wanting to shave your beard off her trim it i would suggest using this it pulls a lot of this on a pair like an inch or more this is more for like a closed shape by the clock shadow guild I'm other than that I mean this it's not that loud people this is a really nice little setup honestly we've had several and passed up for Christmas such as didn't last and not really cheap this is honestly made really well i'm curious to how long it's gonna hold up but just judging on how it's made and you know what it looks like i would say this is probably throw a little razor set

For A better picture Wtch this video:

Best Cheap Hair Electric Shaver 2017|Norelco Alternative JTrim JPT-GF300 Review Reviewed by Customer Reports on 5:13:00 AM Rating: 5
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