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Best Laptop Waterproof Backpack 2017 Reviews|Arctic Hunter Bag

Arctic Hunter Water-resistant Backpack Laptop for Men Computer Backpack 15 Inch Air Traveling Business Backpacks 2017 Review

Arctic Hunter Waterproof Backpack 2016
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Today we will talk little bit about this new Arctic hunter waterproof Backpack
i bought it today and tried it out it's fabulous and it's meant to carry your laptop and whole lot of stuff along with it

Arctic hunter front and inside:

on the front it's got a couch it's almost hidden you can barely see it and then it's got a front section that has kind of little pockets so you can put your small items like chargers and other stuff and it has a full mesh pocket
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in the back it's got a laptop section it has a really thick padded section where the laptop slides and then it has a Velcro closure for it so it keeps it nice and tight.

Arctic hunter Padding:

then on the other side it has a thick padding between your back and your laptop you got padding on all sides of your laptop to protect it and to give you that smooth comfortable feeling when you put on this arctic hunter backpack

Arctic hunter anti sweat design:

then the best part about this backpack is it has this air pocket cut right through the middle so you always get airflow to your back you can see how it works in the picture you also have rounded straps and you have shoulder straps to prevent it from falling off if you run.

trying this backpack for the first time will give you the feeling that you will be using it for a long will keep your 15 macbook pro safe along side with all the tools and stuff  you put with it in that backpack !  The material feels thick and comparable to any of the larger brands that sell this business/casual/modern/outdoor backpacks (Case Logic, Thule, etc). The zippers feel secure and pretty heavy duty, no complaints there. I immediately noticed how secure my Macbook feels when securing it with the velcro strap, definitely a good feeling for us apple fans. I haven't tested the backpack under the rain but it will perform as expected. I'm sure other brands have similar quality backpacks for around the same price but this one in particular is very well made. Although it targets a more mature audience, I believe anybody in his/her 20's would enjoy this backpack quite a bit. You can carry up to 30 kilos and the bag itself weighs around 2 pounds (pretty good IMHO). One minor drawback is the lack of storage space (not to be confused with storage compartments), I noticed I carry just the essentials and a couple little things here and there. I wouldn't use the bag for travel but it will make for a great carry-on bag. If you have a wider chest, the strap that secures the backpack to your body may not be long enough. I've attached an image, you will notice it works for me but I'm only 155 pounds with a thin (I call it athletic) build, lol if you want, it's OK. Anyways, this bag is definitely worth checking out. The backpack is great gift for someone who will appreciate a backpack that only looks great but performs like a rockstar.

so it's very comfortable with this big padding you can wear a it for a long time on your pack and you will barely know it's on if you like to view more pictures and read more reviews about this backpack click on the "view at amazon" button on the top of the page.

Best Laptop Waterproof Backpack 2017 Reviews|Arctic Hunter Bag Reviewed by Customer Reports on 7:54:00 AM Rating: 5
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