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Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reviewing & Testing 2016 2017 Buy|Coupon

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Specs Reviewing & Testing 2016 2017

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today we are reviewing the biggest Android release of the year it's the samsung galaxy note 7 the galaxy note 7 is Samsung's flagship device in a very literal sense it's the biggest most feature-rich and most expensive phone that they're going to make this year but just because the galaxy note 7 is all about the marketing doesn't mean that it doesn't have the substance behind it back it up

galaxy note 7 hardware & design:

what immediately grabs your attention about the galaxy note 7 is its hardware design a thin metal band that wraps around the entire outside fades away to let you focus on the two panes of curved Gorilla Glass five that adorn the front and back the screen .

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 screen & display:

underneath is the exact same industry-leading quad HD Super AMOLED display you get outdoor screen visibility as well as indoor color accuracy and Christmas you just can't find on any other phone underneath the screen the galaxy note 7 has all the high-end specs that you expect for a phone that's going to cost you about eight hundred and fifty dollars (must be sold for less by now)

phone characteristics:

galaxy note 7 has a Snapdragon 820 processor 4 gigabytes of ram 64 gigs of storage with the return of the SD card slot and the battery is bumped up to 3,500 mp good for a full day of anything that you need to do

 and the best feature from the galaxy s7 has also been brought over to the note 7 it's complete waterproofing now without any sort of flaps or seals around the phone you can dunk this in any kind of water for up to 30 minutes and it'll come out looking no worse

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 features & usage : 

 despite having the release of Android seven-point new get on the horizon samsung decided to revamp its look with marshmallow on the galaxy note 7 the biggest visual changes you'll find are going to be in the quick settings drawer where you're going to find simpler buttons a white and blue interface that really tones things down from the last version and lots of contextual information when you tap into each of the buttons there's a new always-on display mode that's adapted from what was available in the galaxy s7 except it's been improved actually let you interact with the notifications that arrived and you can also right onto the always-on display with the s-pen when your screen is off you'll also find a blue light filter which is new for any galaxy device will cut down on the blue light coming out the screen from sunset to sunrise these new features and the changes to the interface give a nice bit of Polish to touch with but generally you're looking at the same experience that you've seen in samsung phones for the last two or three years the galaxy note 7 continues to offer the best possible stylist experience on a smartphone with its s-pen well things haven't dramatically changed in hardware software from the galaxy note5 that's not really a problem samsung has improved the one area that did need work though and that's the first time user experience and yes you'll still find all the basic S Pen features in air command including a few new ones that will let you magnify and translate text on web pages as well as create animated gifts from any video that you can pull up on your screen

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Camera :

even though this is the exact same camera set up front and back as the galaxy s7 that's not necessarily a bad thing when the galaxy s7 first came out we judge it to be the best overall smartphone camera available and that still stands six months later with the galaxy note 7 it's f17 lens and 0 is help manage low-light situations like a champ and during the daytime although it can / sharpen images sometimes it's still better than anything else you can get out there today.
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 when it comes to evaluating the galaxy note 7 as a whole it's clear to me that it not only lives up to the hype but also its massive price tag and just because it shares a lot of design specs and features with the galaxy s7 edge doesn't mean you should dismiss it if you're willing to spend $150 on a phone you're easily getting your money's worth with the galaxy note 7 you get all the best hardware features all the internal specs and industry-leading display a top-of-the-line camera and some extra features like the S Pen if you're willing to put up with the larger-size the galaxy note 7 is the best phone that you can buy today.

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