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Best New Canon PIXMA Printers 2017 for Photographers Reviews

Best Canon Pixma printers List 2016 2017 Review

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if you keep up with technology then I'm gonna show you a family of Canon printers that are ideal for your wireless lifestyle up .
it's been a couple years since I bought a new printer so when I had a chance to review three new pixma printers from Canon I was really pleased while I learned about each other thoughtful features that make these printers feat so nicely with my mobile lifestyle not to mention how they look at my home
 as it seems with any new printer there were some idiosyncrasies with my initial setup but once you get things up and running it's really impressive and these printers are packed with such a nice array of cutting-edge capabilities

which canon pixma printers are more successful ?

the Canon PIXMA printers I used where the mg 5520 MG 6420 and the MG 7120 of course you can plug each of these printers into the computer with the USB cable but you'll need to come up with that cable on your own Cannon really emphasizes using these printers with wireless set-ups especially smartphones and tablets so they don't even include any cables except the power cord

 b-side USB connectivity as the model numbers get bigger so the connectivity options for example the mg 6420 and MG 7120 have the ability to read and print files from standard memory cards

 as well as PictBridge capable camera there are quite a few Wireless equipped Canon cameras with PictBridge capability

the MG 7120 is also compatible with compact flash cards along with an Ethernet port for a wired network connection so let's talk about the featured string of the Pixma line the wireless capabilities canon has apps for both I O S and Android and since I own an iPhone and an iPad I did all my testing with the IOS side of things and work great setup was passed in easy and everything worked as promised

I started by downloading the free Canon app called "pixma printing solutions" just do a search for pixma in the iTunes App Store and it'll be the first to the second one to show up the interface is straightforward and simple and it pretty much does whatever you tell it to do if you want to print from within the app you certainly can and if you have images in a cloud-based service like Facebook Twitter Flickr Dropbox or others you can even print images from there using the Pixma printing solutions ap

and even though the ap is called pixma printing solutions you can still use that app to scan images as well for test purposes I loaded some glossy high end  photo paper into the mg 5520 and used the pixma app to send a photo from my iPad image collection to the printer from within the app I had a few controls like choosing the paper size and paper type: and then I sent the image while didn't have control over things like the cropping and the placement on the page I was happy with the image results which were printed borderless today perhaps by 11 then I grabbed the pics my brochure that came in the box with the printer and I put that on the scanner I used the same ap and scan the document fairly quickly and then it let me save that scan into my iPad photo library well the app works well it is pretty limited when it comes to Settings you can't choose scan resolution or advanced processing liked de-screening like you can with the desktop app, you just scan and you get what it gives you.
canon pixma printers can be used to print photos from canon cameras equipped with wireless pictbridge technology .
canon pixma printers can be used to print photos from canon cameras

 likewise the printer is able to handle many more instructions then the simplified I O S app lets you control I know this because I scanned that same document directly to my Mac and I had all kinds of options I could enter the scan file name: choose where it would be saved choose the file type ,add several kinds and image processing like dust reduction gutter correction de-screening and more and here's the cool part I didn't have to install any software I just plugged in my USB cable and press the Scan button on the printer it walk me through the entire process while I'm on the topic a built-in software let me mention that all three of these printers are AirPrint compatible what that means is that any app on your entire I O S device with the print option can work within AirPrint printer so I can just go into my image library open an image and then touching the share I kind gives me a list of options like email in print

that AirPrint compatibility is really nice because I use a number of apps with that function but which don't directly print from within the pixma app

 now as we go up the line from the MG 5522 the mg 6420 and MG 7120 you'll see that the scanner resolution is 1200 by 2400 until you get up to the mg 7120 where it goes to 2400 by 4800 honestly whenever i scan I never go over 300 DPI and that's well within the capabilities up any of these printers and scanners

all these printers can also print full duplex and I was actually surprised that they have the ability to print front and back automatically they can operate nap by 11 borderless and up to legal size if you need the paper trays are a little slim but for the target market at the occasional home user or an office user that should be fine also if you need to print two CD's or DVD's you can do that with the mg 7120 just flip the bottom media tray and you'll see the disk holder as for output the MG 5520 and the mg 6420 both have output resolutions up to 4800 by 1200 DPI for the color and the MG 7120 doubles that to 9600 by 2400

 the print speed is rated at 44 seconds to print a borderless poor by 6 inch print on both the MG 5520 and MG 6420 then on MG 7120 its more than twice as fast for the same size print as I mentioned earlier the Astatics of these printers are quite nice but the MG 7120 printers are specially sleek because they have a touch surface and a touch screen no tactile buttons each of these printers are available in a variety of colors

a few minutes ago I mentioned some idiosyncrasies with initial setup to begin with I'm a Mac user but the CBR software that comes with each of these printers is PC only you have to go to the Canon website for Mac stuff including manuals and additional software I started by downloading and installing the complete Canon on-screen menu for the MG 7100 series then I tried to find instructions for something I thought was fairly simple printing from a program on my Mac like the preview app or Photoshop or Lightroom using the USB cable that wasn't in the manual the only thing that was in the manual was how to print using cannons program my image garden now that may be a fine app but I prefer Photoshop honestly it was pretty simple to find the printer drivers on the Canon site download then install them and then my copy of Photoshop was praying to the MG 7120 were no problems at all there were a couple up other minor things that kinda through me but I figured them out without calling tech support

for instance when you initially set up the printer and install print cartridges it prompts you to load paper and then to print a test page following the prompts on screen was misleading a little bit because after the test print came out it asks if the test print pattern printed properly and you have to answer yes or no how am I supposed to know if it's a proper test pattern or not I took a chance and I answered yes it turns out that was the right answer because if you answer no the same thing just print out again then it told me to take the test print and put that on the scanner and it would align the print head based on scanning the test print now that's cool it is checking its self

 by the way I installed the Canon software on a PC here in our offices and there were no issues I just follow the directions on screen and installation was very easy

in the end what you care about with the printer is quality of the image output I didn't use any color calibration equipment for lab testing but I can tell you that whether I printed wirelessly from my iPad or via a USB from Photoshop I was impressed with the color accuracy just about every inkjet I've ever owned had some sort of color temp that I had to compensate for none of these printers had that problem they were all color accurate and delivered great photos right out of the box although scanning is less important than it used to be , the scanning experience is great with these pixma scanners as well based on the hints from Canon like the low capacity paper trays and the low capacity paper trays and the lack of USB cables, these pixma printers are targeted at the wireless audience and that's where they really shine this is the kind of thing that'll get people who are used to having digital pictures printing out great pictures in the real world again

if you're looking for great photographic quality and easy wireless printing and scanning check out the pixma mg 5520 mg 6420 Neng 7120

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