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Best Cheap Room Dehumidifier 2017 reviews Frigidaire fad504dwd

Best Cheap Dehumidifier Buying Guide Frigidaire fad504dwd  2017

dehumidifiers are great at drying out basements and other humid parts of the home i'm here with product tester John galti fury who's going to explain what you need to look for when you're shopping
for one so John tell us the size matter size does matter and bigger is better but it's not the physical size of the unit it's the capacity and these the humidifiers claim capacities and pints of water removed per day and the reason you want a bigger capacity unit is that they are more efficient at removing
water out of the air the other benefit is that you can run them on a lower fan speed so if you're going to be in the same room where they're running it's going to be a lot quieter ok so what are the features just should a consumer think about when they're shopping around frost control is important if you're
going to put the unit in a place where it gets cool because what will happen is the coils can freeze and it will stop the unit from working another feature is auto restart if the power goes out for any reason

some units will not come back on where others will come back on and we'll be at the setting that you left the mat okay now energy star should shoppers really rely on that little blue label for the
humidifiers not really and the reason is is that the qualifications for dehumidifiers is energy stall looks at each individual capacity so they're comparing only small units of small units and large units to large units what we did is we looked at the energy efficiency among all capacities and we found that the larger units are much more efficient than the small units and these units use a lot of electricity so that can mean a big difference in the amount of money you pay each month ok now we recommend homeowners maintain relative humidity somewhere between thirty and sixty percent can all dehumidifiers maintain a accurate relative humidity know and the way we tested for that is we put each unit and it environmental chamber and we were able to ramp up the humidity and wrap it back

down and have the units set at particular points and we were able to see when they turned on and when they turned off someone much better than others and you'll need to go to our ratings to see which one's those were ok will do John thanks i'm dan to clerical senior editor for home and garden and be sure to check those ratings yeah
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