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Best Vazee Summit Trail Shoe For Men 2017 Review|New Balance Test|Cheap Buy


New Balance Men's Vazee Summit Trail Shoe Review 2017

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The new vazee summit vs old one: 

today we'r reviewing the new balance bazi summit which is an awesome trail shoes
basically the vazi summit is a light weight fast grippy trail shoe ,a responsive active a midsole rock stop for footplate to protect the bottom of your foot ,ridiculously huge outsole lugs shoes seemingly has it all is this new balances next big thing?

well looking back new balance created one of my favorite trail shoes of all time - 10:10 v2 which is no longer in production of course i love the white toe box the minimal feel, comfortable flexible grip while durability was an issue it's still remain one of my favorite go too fast paced trail shoes especially for shorter races.

What we found out in the Vazee Summit Trail Shoe:

 the vazee summit  seems to be a nice replacement to that as a bit more stack height far more durability kind of fix that middle ground between the mt 101 and the Leadville for new balance that being said i'm enjoying the miles and i'm playing the shoes  considerably more than I expected
i do have some dislikes i'm going to get to all of that  let's get started with things that I like about the vazee summit

The weight:

the shoe is pretty light around nine and a half ounces in my size size 11 that's a pretty good ratio of weight - especially with all the features that you get with the shoot with the added protection full rubber outsole rock plate all that stuff adds up so to keep it under 10 ounces at nine and a half chances in my size it's really great.

The upper:

the upper in this one is minimal it's thin it super durable with the welded over lace throughout plenty of toe protection up here and throughout the upper plenty of welded overlays at that protection and durability.
one thing I really like about the upper is the Phantom fit tongue it's essentially one giant neoprene cover guess you're really nice tight mid-foot feel without being too restricting too thick or too hot

The Vazee Summit Trail Shoe grip:

I really like the grip and we're talking tons of it great for technical terrain it's okay in mud and wet conditions i was actually a little surprised at how I was kind of looking around but in technical terrains the thing's a monster of all sorts of directional lugs that will help you in climbing descending thing latches on and doesn't give up, it's great.

fast! with this precision-fit not necessarily a super wide toe box right snappy feedback and more minimal responses feel really dig it you love going fast especially in shorter races you can definitely a little bit of foot fatigue on longer distances but for those short or mid-distance runs on trails this thing is fast and a pleasure.

The Price:
and finally price,less then hundred bucks, i'm really liking the price point of a hundred dollars or below , but four hundred dollars and getting a pretty decent durable package you're gonna get hundreds of miles out of this bad boy.

Vazee Summit Trail Shoe Cons: 

so let's move on to things that i dislike about the vazee summit it kind of mentioned it earlier narrow it's not a super wide toe box is also not a very forgiving toolbox are very stretching that being said there are wide versions of the shoe which is great for those of us with wider feet while it might not necessarily give you the widest toe box it does give you more volume which is a huge Park huge benefit the regular what they do definitely get a bit of pinky toe ramp and it hurts .
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responsiveness ,you know that tend to favor a bit more cushion dried so there are benefits to having a responsive right now and I always usually talk about those in the review in this case the responsiveness gets in the way of the shoe for longer distance runs ,i had the same issue with the 10 v2 which still maintains its status as one of my favorite trail shoes.

while I know some of you might be able to use this for 50k 50 miler hundred miles distance it may not necessarily work that way for everybody it's a bit softer midsole bit more cushioning and definitely benefit all of us in that department for the longer haul ,however for short distances it tends  to do just fine.

in mud or wet tracks:

take a look at: Fitbit Charge Heart Rate Monitor watch Review before going back to our review finally drainage actually some reports of people having really positive things to say about the drainage in the shoe i had the opposite experience the two times around the shoe in wet conditions the shoot retained most of the moisture that picked up along the trail and I don't know whether to fault the shoe for this ,the engineering or what ever , but got really noisy real squeaky the best impression of that noise would be like is taking a cheap hotel room with thin walls ,but if you're not necessarily dealing with inclement weather this you could be really great on fire roads dry conditions all that good stuff

and that is it for dislikes about the vazee summit as i mentioned great shoes having a lot of fun in it lovin my miles so far in this badass so let's get out with the points quality

Vazee Summit Trail Shoe Pros -Points of quality:

the shoe has held up surprisingly well i'm going to have a four out of five on quality i think the upper is comprised of really durable materials the well that overlay helps a lot in that department nothing's really coming on down overall decent quality comfort as i mentioned it's going to be for me a bit of a shorter distance shoe ..mid-distance shoe ,want to give a 4 out of 5 in comfort and price as i mentioned i like the price of this shioes I think it's fairly affordable for what you get and we have a 4 out of 5 finally looks good before out of 5 I don't think this is the better looking version of the shoe in the men's models the other bright orange fiery version is pretty damn cool probably four to five on looks bringing our grand total of sixteen have a 24 the fazi summit I really am enjoying this shoe and I think that's a damn good score

so that is it for today's review if you guys have run into vazee summit let me know in the comments below what you think of this shoe how it's working for you - itss great way to discuss if you want to find out more information about the vazee summit click on the green button at the top of the page -New Balance Men's Vazee Summit on amazon where you can view more information about the shoes.
Best Vazee Summit Trail Shoe For Men 2017 Review|New Balance Test|Cheap Buy Reviewed by Customer Reports on 8:13:00 AM Rating: 5
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