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Best Body Hair Electric Shaver 2017 2018 Reviews|Durable Excellent Razor

Best  MenBody Hair Electric Shaver 2017 2018 Review 

Best Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver

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here is the review of the new braun series 9 9095CC Wet and Dry electric shaver I got this braun series 9 shaver because my older series 7 electric shaver's trimmer went bad , so i went out upgraded to this one and this is what they had available.

i'll show you the model 90-95 CC this is the wet and dry model advanced clean and charge station , if you have an electric shaver and you don't have one of these charging and cleaning stations i'm going to show you how all that works and i recommend trying out one of these braun series 9 they are the best electric shavers the braun brand have made so far  they have different models and different series of shavers but these cleaning stations makes a really nice option.

so what I'm going to do is we'll go around the box and look at some of the features of this shaver and then get it out of the box i'm going to plug it in and install the cleaning solution to show you how some of that works .

here are some highlights from shavers box: hyper lift and cut trimmer ,direct cut trimmer ,optic oil sonic technology, fully flexible shaving system .each of those things that are described all of that in more detail of what each of those things do

Braun Series 9 9095CC Features :
it comes with a multi headlock, five adjustable angle skin-friendly precision, precise LED battery display and it says it's waterproof up to 5 meters for full washability so that's kind of interesting of course it's rechargeable -powerful rechargeable battery for recharge in one hour ,five minute quick charge equals 1 shave so 60 minutes up to 50 minutes of cordless shading -that's a lot of Shaving- premier leather pouch it comes with which I'll show you guys that and I believe it comes with a clean and renew refill inside there so of course it says that it is flammable I don't plan on smoking while i shave or anything like that but here's the back of the box hygiene and cleaning automatic charging automatic lubication

Braun Series 9 9095CC Testing:
 it lubricates the heads to that cleaning duck so that's really helpful extra fast drawing on the box it has almost all the information about the shaver  so now let's go ahead and will get this thing out of the box so I got the box ripped open we'll get the soft and cleaning station so this is the cleaning and charging station you can see the power cord plugs in right there

 i'll show you how this works soon as we take a look around at the shaver just sits in here up right there is the power button you press that it starts a cleaning cycle if you press the button on the back that ejects out this part the dock and you will see up in there a thingy squirts out solution or sucks up solution or whatever mixes it all up and cleans your shaver so that there is the cord that it comes with i plugged into the cleaning system -the cord is keyed in a certain way so you cannot plug it in the wrong way so you just snaps in there and that's pretty much ready to go

we have the black case  the shaver is in there and there is the cleaning solution so this one came with one bronze clean and renew cleaning solution let's get the shaver out and go over the shaver here a little bit this is a pretty nice soft how it comes with

and there is the shaver all packed in there its a nice looking shaver it's all shined up , the series 9 electric shaver got a big power button right in the middle and it says on it wet and dry starting it at the bottom you can actually use that same plug that i showed you know it's key to a certain way just plug that directly in the wall everybody probably knows how an electric shaver works but these things here make contact when you stick this thing down into the charging dog like it just sits down in there like that and you press the button , of course you have to put it to charge first to get it to work put it into the charging dog ,there are tabs right there and right on the side and you squeeze the two parts together and that ejects the heads of the shaver you can see inside there and what the top ones look like, you can put the head like in a locked in position and actually you can click it if you're careful but it's really nice it keeps it locked so that's one nice feature and on the back the trimmer and see this trimmer pop straight up the old one that I had would bend out before it open and that's what went actually bad so let's go ahead and we you get it plugged in so you can see some lights you must have the cleaning solution filled in, you want to be careful not moving it around as much because it's got that cleaning solution in it so then what you do is just stick the shaver down in their little LED light flash and all you do now guys is press the button it's going through right now and it's charging up , after using it you should put it in the dog so it gets cleaned for about 40 minutes and it will charge up

my evaluation to this shaver is 5 stars as it's am amazing shaver in all aspects , this is the latest German brand braun electric shaver it's has a lot of positive reviews you can see more pictures of it if you click on the green button at the beginning of the post .

Best Body Hair Electric Shaver 2017 2018 Reviews|Durable Excellent Razor Reviewed by Customer Reports on 8:42:00 AM Rating: 5
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