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How To Get a Close Shave Using Braun Electric Shaver 2017-Review |Braun,Panasonic,Philips

Best Way To Shave With Braun,Philips Electric Shaver Tutorial

Shaving Tips:

Today we wanted to share our shaving tips, there are 3 sections: general tips, operating tips and finally some buying tips

if you're new to electric shavers you might take you a few shaves to get used to it for some it might take even longer ,most people will take some time to adjust and switching techniques of products the key is not to give up, results should improve.

don't expect to get the exact same results as everyone else, there are so many products and techniques because there are many personal preferences examine consumer reviews if you relate to the reviewer sometimes it just comes down to trial and error.

if something's not working for you change it up so I require you to try new shave technique or could be as easy as just upgrading your shave,r bottom line everyone deserves a nice smooth shave.

The best way to shave?

you're supposed to shave against the grain it's usually not recommended to shape this way with traditional razor blades with electric shavers this is what you need to do first it may cause a bit of irritation once you're used to it ,you will appreciate smoothness.

it's best to try and let the shaver do most of the work ,sometimes you need to press in a little harder in certain areas but if you're pressing too hard too often may experience some irritation.the good analogy here is to think about using a vacuum cleaner, you might have the urge to go really fast when you pick up more dirt if you go slow. same things sort of applies here with electric shavers.

To See The Norelco Shaver used in the review Best Philips Norelco Shavers the main tip here is an electric shavers works best on stubble while beard trimmers are best for long thick facial hair,if you have facial hair or you let your beard grow up for over a week you will find most electric shavers will struggle with delivering a smooth shave. some shavers do , pop-up trimmers but they aren't that powerful so for those with thick facial hair who let it grow out once in a while i would recommend you use a beard trimmer .

first consider using a pre-shave lotion or powder if you feel you're not getting the most out of your shaver one of those shaving Gels or pre-shave products might help. you can improve your shave by helping your facial hair stiffen up and stick out and this may make shaving a bit easier for you.

What to do after shaving:

every time you use your shaver you should clean it ,this can be easily done with the cleaning stations every electric shaver can be cleaned manually as well, what this will require you to do is shake away the stumble over the sink, brush it out gently with a clean brush and rinse it under running water, take the time to get this done.

More Shaving Tips:

there are a few more tips watch out for your sideburns shaving long hitters with electric shavers will cause it tugging sensation you might want to pull your skin tight with your free and once in a while

don't wash your face before shaving obviously applies to dry shaves
read the instruction manual sometimes it's good information found in those
Drain your batteries you can see below fifty percent once in a while some with the ion batteries and they work better when you do this and replace all blades when you need to

for more detailed information on how to use an electric shaver share this post with your friends and be sure to visit us once in a while for more reviews.

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