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Best Shoes For Trail Running 2017-Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Running Shoes Review,Test,Buy

Mountains Running Sneakers Review Altra Lone Peak 3.0 

 Altra Lone Peak 3.0

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First impression:
The new version from altra lone peak 3.0 this shoes has a significant number of changes over the previous version many of which makes me very excited those changes include completely redesigned brand new upper with both welded and Stitch overlays medial side impact protection ,extra toe box protection, new mesh materials all sorts of good stuff i'll get to in this review .

altra lone peak 3.0 What did they change?
the heel has been drastically changed it's a far more refined profile steeper more significantly better fitting heel counter the outsole has been changed comparing it to the 2.5 it's a bit noticeably different a bit more grippy quite a number of more hexagonal lugs different locations different sizes lot more teeth on the new version the shoe sizing and the shoes weight also come in a bit different wing almost half an ounce less than the previous version so it's a lot of those changes a lot of people might be worried that the shoe has changed too much and is no longer the lone peak that you might be used to let me settle those nerves let me reinforce my feelings on this shoe.

did the altra lone peak 3.0 improve over the 2.5 one?
 has it improved yes do I still like it yes and then more so than the previous version soon as I pulled the shoe out of the box I was pretty confident that i would like it

to show you just how much faith I have in this new version actually only end up wearing it for one training run before liking it enough to wear it in the sun mountain 50 miler,i never had to switch shoes never had to adjust it pretty much for this thing right out of the box it is a real winner I'm really stoked on it but there's still a major worry i'm going to cover all the things i liked it dislike about the lone peak 3.0 in this review let's get this thing started you're the things

the things we liked in the altra lone peak 3.0 :

 i like about the altra lone peak 3.0 is sizing. this is an issue I had with the 2.5 and earlier versions where the sizes just didn't quite work with my feet ,size 11 felt too big a size 10 and a half felt too small ,whatever they did between version 2.5 and 3.0 was very noticeable for me these size 11 fits exactly true to size no toes rubbing up front no excess volume in the shoe I'm able to tie it down nice and tight amongst the mid-foot still have room for my toast to move around he'll fits nicely some of you may not have had sizing issues in the past i am just very excited that i can get size 11 and actually truly have a size 11 on my foot.

 he'll fit as i mentioned the heel been completely redesigned the heel counter angle is quite a bit steeper that's really the only negative I have that you have to feel it along the heel but that contribute to a tighter more contoured fit and just by reducing the volume in the width of the heel alone to fit is just drastically improved I always felt the previous versions of the lone peak and other ultra shoes felt like skater shoes just giant cushion ankle collars I mean just look 2.5 version and 3.0 version are so different and so much better

although the shoes was not light by any means it's an 11-ounce shoe that's still about a half pounds lighter than the 2.5 version how they managed to shave weight while still contributing to more materials being used in the upper! it's beyond me but I'm happy about it
this is one of those shoes that yes it weighs 11 ounces but doesn't feel like a ways 11 ounces is just comfortable enough for you kind of begin to forget about the shoes entirely which is a good thing happy

 comfort I've never been ashamed to say that ultra shoes are always really comfy the middle material really cushy really absorbent well I do feel that this you could benefit from some sort of rock plane I know the altar makes a removable rocket for a lot of the shoes the midsole material the a bound material the new refined outsole rubber and all combines to a cushy squishy fun ride especially for longer distances and correlation with the new fit I think we have a real winner here.

altra lone peak 3.0 . is not the only version in the lineup of lone peak not only will this version come out simultaneously with the neo shell version which is the waterproof polartec version -is great for those of you who run in snowy conditions, wet conditions// but the mid height version will also be released this is gonna be fantastic for hikers thru-hikers people who may want to run may want to hike have a lot of ankle stability with this shoes, a lot of runners may go: "that's just too much shoes" ,there's a lot of hikers that love alters and they're gonna love this mid-height version. I on the other hand are gonna stick with altra lone peak 3.0

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while that is it for likes, there's just a lot of things i like about this shoe especially my experience now was close to 80 90 miles in this shoe big thumbs up but there is a major dislike durability this is a major issue one of the few that i have with the shoe I'm worried based on previous versions including the 2.5 I've got a lot of midsole wear through or that cushion that spring back just dissipates over time becomes a lot harder you lose a lot of that cushioning as it flattens out the more miles you put in the shoes

so my 2.5 that can barely run anymore but the 3.0 are still ok i haven't felt them flattening out completely yet but I do anticipate that being an issue at some point in the near future which is just too soon ..

in addition to that the upper is breaking down a little bit i am on the mean side getting a bit of frame is already a couple of holes breaking through not only on the left side but also the right too and it is far too soon for that as well

right at the point where the welded overlay meets the mesh upper a high abrasion contact point which just has caused the mesh to break through while i do think the polar tech version will give you a bit more durability just because the upper is a different material i am bummed to see it .

Overall -altra lone peak 3.0:

the dislike we mentioned do not take away from the comfort of the shoe and our overall enjoyment and happiness with the ability to be able to run a 50-mile pretty much right out of the box that's super sweet , so that is if your likes and dislikes about the altra lone peak 3.0 what a fun! - I hope you guys get a chance to try this out if you want more information on the shoe or if you want to get it yourself the view at amazon green button at the top which has the link to the altra lone peak 3.0 on amazon you can view more pictures and read more reviews there also see what people are saying about this excellent running shoes .

Rating Stars: 

quality: 4/5 
I think we have a good shoe I think this is a good improvement over the 2.5 major point deduction is going to come in durability I got lots of smiles out of the shoe maybe the miles is going to be decreased.

 comfort: 4/5
it's a solid 4 out of 5 it's essentially a 5 i'm only document point purely because i am getting a bit of flattening out on the forefoot of the shoe ,a rock plate would really help not being able to feel of the sharp rocks in that scenario will play more miles in the shoe i will continue to wear its /

price: 4/5
when you have a 4 out of 5 i'm guessing it's going to come to market at a hundred and twenty dollars which i think is a fine price . it was lower than that could be a five out of five but four out of five for price and looks again 4 out of 5 I think the solid blue look it's actually very dirty so we're like blue and brown but overall blue i think is fine she like these colors a bit better kind of wish they were swamped four out of five on looks.

 that brings our grand total to 16 out of 20 it's a solid score for the ultra lone peak three point out easily one of my new favorite trail running shoes it gives me good vibes and that's a good thing everyone i would love to see you comments below let me know have you run in the Lone Peak 3.0  what do you think of this you what do you think a previous versions and how it compares .

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Best Shoes For Trail Running 2017-Altra Lone Peak 3.0 Running Shoes Review,Test,Buy Reviewed by Customer Reports on 9:45:00 AM Rating: 5
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