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Best Men Beard Trimmer 2017. Top Rated Braun Shaver Reviewed

Best Beard,Hair Trimmer reviewed

Braun series 7 790cc Hair Electric Shaver

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i have learned through continues years of experiment that the best way to remove body hair including private parts , armpits , chest hair and hair in any other part of the body is by using a good quality electric shaver such as the braun series 7.
using this electric shaver is the best method because it is painless , it's effective , fast and it lasts long enough to check out this body hair shaving tool click on the green button to read more reviews about it and keep reading if you like to know what makes this electric shaver so special.
Hey folks today we will be reviewing the Braun series 7 foil electric shaver i've always said that the best way to really know an electric shaver is by comparing it to another so in this review we will be talking about the braun series 7 shaver and we will be comparing it to the philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D Electric Shaver

First of all i've had the philips Norelco Sensotouch 3D Electric Shaver since 2013 used it for a long time it's a pretty good shaver i got no problems with it i'll talk in more details about it later on

The Braun foil shaver Series seven 790cc-4 is an amazing shaver i will share my experience with it as it performed well nthere are some differences that we will talk about
the philips sensotouch 3D is a rotary shaver it's got a  pivoting head that has the blades inside you can take the shaver heads off and clean them individually it is a wet/dry shaver it has a very nice sound when it's turned on and it's got a screen that shows you how much time usage you have left in the battery which is a cool feature but don't worry it actually lasts pretty long so you don't have to worry about that.

the sensotouch 3D shaver has a small trimmer in it's back  ,and a nice cleaning/charging unit it shaves pretty close it's comfortable and it gets around the curves of my face quite well so all in all i'm satisfied with it i think it's cheaper then the brun series 7 i bought them both from amazon so if you like to check them out individually i put the links to them in red color earlier in this post

the norelco sensotouch 3D heads cost around twenty seven bucks you can change them when you feel you are not getting the same shave you used to have befor they can shave bald especially when used along side with a good shaving cream.

What made me Switch from philims to braun?

what made me move from the philips to the braun was the cost of the philips norelco blades back then and the quality of the shavers , philips was indeed a good shaver but braun was doing much better then it and i had to try something new so series 7 was my first option.

on the other hand the braun series 7 is excellent the brauns engin sound is a little louder there's a little more vibration with the brown as well which means it's stronger and more effective it has a pivoting head it has a release button so you can take the blades out for cleaning or replacement

it has a lock button it also has a trimmer on the front side unlike the norelco which has it on the back it pops up when you puch the upper button in the front of the shaver

on the buttom of the braun series 7 shaver there are two buttons that display the battery level and tells you when you need to clean your shaver

braun series 7 trimmer

the braun series 7 shaving speed and quality:

this Braun shaves closer definitely closer then then the norelco and there's a little bit more vibration and noise that doesn't really bother me as it makes a closer and a faster shave
the replacement heads for braun costs around thirty bucks if i remember correctly how much of this boy i think was a 40 bucks i think those are forty dollars

at the end of the day the the braun is much bigger then norelco , it has an excellent cleaning system it shaves closer and faster i'm really pleased with the braun product it is amazing if you have one of those very angular faces then I think that the rotary shaver might work a little bit better for you but i recommend using a newer model of norelco -  the braun series 7 has a pivoting head so you know it can get around all the angles you may have to make an extra pass depending on how sharp the angle

generally the shaver heads becomes dull with the years but there are some factors that can make that happen faster or slower such as the maintaining and cleaning of you shaver and also when you press harder when you shave it usually effect your shavers blades negatively what ever the type of blades is

from my experience the braun shaver shaver closer it's faster it's easier to use and to clean thanks to the cleaning solution as well because you just buy the cartridge you put it inside it's place and puch it back in and you'r done so in my experience the braun wins, the braun and philips are both great products don't get me wrong I like my newer norelcos too but the brawn wins im using it now i use the norelco only to shave my head but I used braun for my face.

Enjoy watching the review video:

Braun series 7 first impression :

the Sonic technology presented in Braun series 7 is the only technology in the world with 10,000 small vibrations per minute which means that the Series 7 electric Shaver is one of the fewest shavers in the world to recognize the folds of your face to adjust its shaving strength, which consists of 10,000 small vibrations to match the intensity of your beard
the Braun series 7 790c  Revolutionary technology gives you the most accurate possible haircut in the history of electric shavers no wonder it's among world's number one best-selling shaver 

this awesome electric shaver is good for both barbers and normal people who like to take care of their beard by themselves , it's an excellent and guaranteed device that you won't regret to have 

Features : 

  • Intelligent Sonic technology automatically increases power in difficult areas and on denser hair
  • ActiveLift trimmer captures flat-lying hairs in problem areas
  • OptiFoil cuts hair as short as 0.05mm for perfect closeness
  • Synergized foil and blades give you a perfect shave
  • 100% waterproof shaver for easy cleaning

what we liked about the Braun series 7 electric shaver :

our review of the braun 7 showed that it is one of the best electric shavers you can find out there for a good price and a guaranteed performance for long years it can be used on all types of hair including African american hair or by women for shaving their legs or other parts of their body effectively the electric shaver is so easy to use and to clean you just have to remove the head with your hands and use the cleaning brush to remove the hair from it
the shaver can be used on wet surfaces or with a shaving Gel but it's not recommended to get the whole shaver wet as the company focused more on the head of the shaver to be water proof you can use this razor to shave your body, bikini , and or underarms besides hair and beard the braun series 7 shaver comes with a 60 days money back guarantee the shave makes an excellent option for old people and people who have shaking hands as it proved to do well with this category of users after using the series 7 shaver make sure you wipe off any hair that you see on the head before putting it in the cleaner so you don't have to change the the cleaner solution more often ,  it is made in Germany. The company is German. It is one of the best razors in the US .

Testing Braun Series 7 electric shaver:

this is a  razor you can  use for years and still serve you like a charm.
In general the Norelco and Remington I would describe as ordinary. They get the job done with more time, louder, and tend to be rougher on my skin in general I've used a large number of shavers over the years.most recently Norelco, Remington, Panasonic, and the Braun 360 complete 8595.... the Series 7 790 is hands down the best of them..

The Panasonic has a good feel to it and a definite step up from the ordinary brands, but is a little unusual, heavy, and a little cumbersome with the huge head.

When I got the Braun 360 complete, on first use I was very surprised about how it clearly was so far above the rest, zipping through a shave in a smooth way and having a fit and finish that was very high end. The Clean and Renew is no joke and gives a crisp fresh feel every time and is really not very expensive when taken in context.

I dropped my 360 and broke the on off slider, so time for a new shaver... Braun was so much better in the past, how could I not buy it?

I don't believe in spending the extra bucks on luggage, watches, and various other stuff.... but in shavers it pays off... Same thing when getting higher model Brauns... why skimp $30 and give features when you have already committed to getting a great product?

So I got the braun series 7 790c I put in the cartridge, charged it and tried it out.. and I have to say, the 790 is clearly a full generation better than the 360, which I didn't think was possible. It shaves in an almost surgical instrument kind of way.

-Clean and renew is expensive: In use the $4 clean and renew cartridges last about 6-8 weeks in 5 day a week use. I've seen crackpot ideas like refilling them with seabreeze (dumb as you aren't putting the right cleaner lubricant on your expensive shaver and it barely saves any money).
- An expensive shaver doesn't stack up to a quality razor. BS, this thing definitely gives a better shave than I ever got with a blade with a lot less mess or time and no cuts ever.
- An expensive shaver doesn't make sense with quality disposables being so cheap. BS also, to get in the ballpark quality wise, you would have to be buying $3 each disposables.... it only takes 4 months of blades to pay for a new shaver and a year of clean and renew packs.

- shave a very dry face, before washing in the morning. your skin expands a lot when moisturized, drawing your beard in and making in inaccessible to the shaver and showing a shadow much quicker as your skin dries out later, forget shaving in or after the shower
- wake up first and shave at least 30 minutes later, not only will you be better at it, faces tend to be somewhat puffy from laying down and result in a poor shave
- after shaving before putting the shaver in the base, pop the foil off and tap it a couple of times in the trash to get most (probably 90%) of the beard out.. it keeps the clean and renew fluid much cleaner and makes it last much longer as the base does a 'thorough' clean much less often.

Reasons I'm glad I broke my 360 complete (if I had known these, I would have just bought the 790 anyway)
- the fit and finish of the 790 is very very high.... like museum watch high.. ultra cool looking and constructed product
- the shave quality is much better than the 360 complete... almost surgical in feel, hard to believe I know because I thought the 360 was about perfect
- the 790, while having the same size head, has a much thinner and easier to hold body, the older Brauns tend to be a little beefy
- it has push button on off.... the older ones had a combo switch / trimmer slider which always was a little awkward to use
- the 790's trimmer juts way out from the shaver allowing a much better view for trimming sideburns etc. a HUGE advantage.
- the 790 has a quick clean feature, so you can start a cleaning cycle without it taking the shaver out of commission for hours.
- the hair lifting bar is very very good now at avoiding in grown hairs... if you have this problem, this shaver is the only one I've ever found that is effective at reducing them.

Braun Series 7 Test Unpacked : 

Best Men Beard Trimmer 2017. Top Rated Braun Shaver Reviewed Reviewed by Customer Reports on 8:29:00 AM Rating: 5
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